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Deferred maintenance.

Deferred maintenance

Deferred maintenance is a list of all the little repairs that need to be made on a property when you’re getting ready to sell it. Most of these fixes are easy and inexpensive but as the seller, you might have forgotten about them. These are repairs that the buyer will notice immediately when they are touring your property. Examples of deferred maintenance would be a door that doesn’t quite shut all the way, a broken gutter or even a toilet that doesn’t flush properly. You want the buyer to tour your house imagining themselves living there and not making mental notes about everything they would need to fix. Not taking care of deferred maintenance will result in purchaser discounting.

Landscaping/curb appeal

Landscaping/curb appeal

Please make sure that your lawn is trimmed, the garden is neat and if you have a pool that it is sparkling clean. This will result in what we call ‘curb appeal’ and will be the first thing that the buyer will look at when visiting your property.

Brighten up your home

Brighten up your home

The most effective way to do this is through paint and lighting fixtures. Where possible please make sure your interior is painted with a light, neutral colour as this will make the rooms look brighter and larger. One of the best investments you can make before selling your house is to replace old lighting fixtures with new ones, also ensure you replace any dead bulbs. Open all blinds & curtains to let in as much natural light as possible. It is also recommended that you leave one light on in each room during a showing, even in the daytime.

Declutter your home

Before putting your property on the market it is strongly advised that you start boxing up some of your personal items such as little “nik naks”. This can make your home seem more spacious.

Depersonalize your home

Depersonalize your home

This topic is one of the most difficult for sellers to accept! Buyers need to be able to envision themselves in your home – personal items and family photographs can make a buyer feel like they are invading someone’s home and can destroy the illusion in their mind of living in your home.

Minor kitchen upgrade

Minor kitchen upgrade

Kitchens sell properties! Please do not spend too much money on your kitchen if it needs to be updated as your changes might not be to the buyers taste. Rather look at 3 items in your kitchen: your countertops, cabinets and backsplash. Updating one or more of these three things will add value to your property.



Remind your buyers about your security system as more secure homes are guaranteed to sell faster. If you have a security system that needs repairing or updating – please do so.

"When was this last updated?"

When was this last updated?

Ask yourself this question when going through your property. Buyers will be looking at the kitchen, bathrooms, floors, electrical outlets and hardware (door handles etc.). Make sure that your electrical outlets are not yellow and that your door handles are not broken. If you have to replace any carpets in your home please consider hardwood floors instead as they are more modern.

Staging your home

Staging your home.

It is harder to sell a house that has no furniture as furniture makes the property feel like home for the buyer.

Reason for selling

Reason for selling

This is most probably the most frequently asked question posed by purchasers. Ensure that you portray a plausible reason for selling which will put the buyer at ease. Buyers can be very cautious about purchasing other people’s problems, once they are at ease with your selling reasons, they tend to spend less time finding fault with the property.


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