Before you buy

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Do your homework

Before looking for a house to buy make sure that you are financially qualified. Know what you can afford before viewing. This can easily be done through ‘Fastrack Finance’.

Adjust your expectations

Adjust your expectations.

Accept the fact that your expectations and the house you can afford may not match. Be open to the idea of modifying and upgrading a property gradually.

Property Value

Property Value

Remember most asking prices can be negotiated up to a point. The final price will be determined by what the willing seller and buyer finally agree on which is not necessarily the advertised asking price.



There are two things that don’t go well together when purchasing a property; emotions and money! These will always clash and emotion will cause you to overpay!

Comparative analysis

Comparative analysis

This is the method utilized by valuators in appraising property value. It is wise to compare prices in the same neighborhood as your preferred house. Always remember to make allowances for garages, swimming pools, decks and security features.

Property inspections

Property inspections

Property inspections are not obligatory in South Africa but it is a wise thing to invest in, especially with older homes.

Don't feel rushed

Don’t feel rushed

Only put in an offer when you are ready. Be one hundred percent sure but remember, well-priced homes don’t stay on the market for very long!


Compare listings


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