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List your properties with your own personal touch.

Search properties and contact the sellers directly.

Get pre-approved finance and make an offer online.

About localPROP

Sell your home with localPROP for a fixed fee saving up to 70% in commission.

By using local expertise and online convenience powered by data, technology and real estate experience our technology conveniently streamlines all buyer and seller communication into a single platform.

We offer fair flat fees without compromising on service you are in safe hands with the localPROP team. Book a FREE valuation and start your journey with us today.

Through our online platform, we connect buyers and sellers. Sellers are able to list their own properties with their own personal touch, schedule their own viewing times and chat to prospective buyers online. Buyers are able to search dozens of properties, contact the sellers directly online, schedule their own appointments to view their dream home, get pre-approved finance and when their dream home has been found they are able to make an offer online. 

The localPROP team is filled with qualified Real Estate Agents registered with the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) and our vast experience in property marketing will give you the edge when selling your home. 

How we’re different

We’ve built our company around putting you first. Every decision we make is made to get you the best outcome. We focus on delivering quality technology-driven service, understanding the selling and buying needs and constantly finding new ways to serve you better.

Every story is different; found a new dream house, have pressure to sell quickly, moving to a new city, family situations; but we know that no matter what your home selling journey looks like, we can help.



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